To "TUFF" it out or not..!

In this case, I mean "Tuff" as that kind of coating you have sprayed on your pickup truck bed, a/k/a Rhino Coating, etc. It seems that the hovercrafts in Alberta are getting a lot of use and abuse, so the owners decided to have this coating sprayed on the craft to help deflect some of the damage done by landing on beaver cuts, rocks and other obnoxious none-hover friendly objects!

(all pictures are clickable to 640x480)

The arrival of the craft from hell!   There was some discussion as to whether this craft had arisen out of a the craft came into the yard, we were all certain this would be the repair to end all repairs.

But it helped knowing that the owners were going to repaint the craft themselves, and as long as we could deal with the rhino coat-style surface that had been applied, we would manage.

As you can see, the cross beam in front of the prop has been split, and yes, this was done when the craft struck a wall with an inexperienced driver at the wheel. The prop was damaged beyond repair and the rudders are replacements that had been sent to Alberta for the owners to reinstall.   What really happened to this moose carrying craft?
Closeup of shroud damage....   It seemed that no matter which way I took this picture, you would feel like you're on your head. The prop dug into the shroud pretty deeply as it began breaking up. However, again this is a testament to our foam/glass flying missiles ever involved!
This is just a closeup of the coating that has been applied to protect the craft against abuse!   Coated for tuff abuse!
Peeling away....   The coating that was applied to the floor was not a very good job as here it has begun peeling away. This pic is behind the seat and in front of the engine.
The floor heavily coated for strength to carry up to 2000 lbs.   Closeup of interior. Yes, that's the steering column lying there...
No skirt.....the belly has also been coated.   The interesting part of this whole repair will be to catch a picture of the guys as they take this craft off the trailer........NO SKIRT!! And yes, the belly of the craft also has this coating on it.
View from the rear....   Just another exterior shot....
No prop, no belt, no handle bar steering!   I found this interesting....looking thru the rear to the front with no prop, no belt, no steering column.....the poor baby!! We'll get it fixed up soon!

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