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  A quick trip to the Platte River is anticipated here. Temporarily we are using the StarCruiser trailer, but obviously something else has to be built. First we'll see if it's worth it!
  Front view of the trailer, trying to keep that nose from moving forward and avoiding any 'lift off' during traffic.
  Anything works--for unloading!
  We're skeptical here, but really anticipate some fun on the Platte River (Wisconsin).
  Altho I didn't get good camera shots, even with Vernon driving the chase craft!, we got good film coverage with the camcorder. Lift off was near 4", but never more than that, meaning back to the drawing board.
  Returning to the trailer, the truck and home for revisions.
Craft with tip plates, per Bob Windt's advice.   SECOND TEST FLIGHT
  The craft was revised with tip plates and gave us a lot more than expected. On the second test flight, I personally took the craft to between 10' and 15'--definitely out of ground effect. (But it sure was fun!)

But Verdon and Vernon each kept it in ground effect. My 58 lb. less than theirs made a considerable difference in lift off. So we went back to the drawing board again!

Angle of incidence of both wings was increased by 1 1/2 degrees.
  Lift off was very easy at about 40 mph with 180 lb. aboard!
  Cruising easily with catch craft in background! Out flew him...
  Fly by about 20 inches from surface of Mississippi River.
  Settling back to the surface after a successful run!
  Pleased with his experiment, but back to the drawing board to improve with possibly a movable control surface.
  The StarCruiser 3 in a fly by of its own...still the perfect hover for us!

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