Verdon's Wing In Ground Effect

Verdon and Linda Weber
28728 Crabtree Corner Road
Cuba City, WI, USA 53807

No that's not the WIG--but it is his first Hanglider!

"Fly With The Best!!"

Call it that unlost sense of adventure that lurks deep within the soul of every male... Or call it that desire to never get bored! Verdon and Vernon Weber have been talking wing-in-ground-effect for a long time, probably since 1959, when they returned from their 14,000 mile trip at the ages of 18, covering a great deal of the U.S. and Alaska. If you haven't already, you might find it worth your while to read their interesting story about how the
Webers started their business!

The Wing is evolutionary, growing from a desire to fly efficiently. However, to fly efficiently the craft must stay within 12 inches of ground surface and use the increased lift that is nearer the surface of the earth, thus wasting no fuel and causing less induced drag. But caution is the word--fly too high or fly too low, and you are in trouble.

Many inventors have toyed with the development of the WIG, but relatively few sites are available for pictures and data. I did find a site you can visit at:

Many sketches and prints have passed in front of our television during the cold winter months after work. Finally the most useable sketch was put into blue print form and that was put into hard structural form in May 1998.

To see the progress on this air cushioned vehicle, click on the button and meet you there!