Hovercrafters in West Virginia!

STEPHEN MAYOR and BOB (Big Ole Boat)!

A letter from Steve and Bob:

"It was a dark and stormy night in 1960, there I sat in the barracks at Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS reading a Popular Mechanics? or Popular Scient? (it was 40 years ago folks!) article about a one person hovercraft made out of plywood and a rubber skirt material. For the next 30+ years I wrote for information and read about hovercraft but could find no information as to how they were made or plans available. About 1992, my son Adam brought me a magazine that had an ad for a hovercraft and the hunt was on again. We searched the ads and found out there was a club, "Hoverclub of America" and wrote for information. Found out about Universal Hovercraft and available plans. I ordered plans for the UH-15TA followed by a trip to Terre Haute, IN. Dean Pollee was there with the original UH-15TA and gave Adam and I a ride. I also looked at the Neoteric and there were 2 Weber craft there. One was about the size of a sheet of plywood (4x8) and the other was full size. We were both given rides in the larger one by Verdon or Vernon, well, "respectfully" one of those durn Webers. They were both helpful answering questions about construction and foam fiberglass construction. This inspired me to go ahead with the UH-15TA which had a foam core and an aluminum skin and instead, I used fiberglass and epoxy for the skin. So about 5 years later the result is "BOB" "Big Ole Boat" which got its name when my daughter Stephanie saw it and said, "That's a Big Ole Boat"! The 5 years included building the trailer, and lots of thinking time. I enjoyed the time building "BOB" and now am enjoying the use of it and taking it to the meets and getting to know the people in OUR hovercraft family."

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