TROY 2001 - Sunday - Page Five!

What a great place to bring your father on Father's Day!! Robin and Tom Bjelland brought their recently renovated StarCruiser, the Tail Wind to Troy, OH, after much hard work. It was a bit uncertain as to whether Webers would get their work done in time so that Tom could finish and everyone enjoy Father's Day weekend. But it happened, and everybody had a great time. Robin actually began her driving instructions (or should we say her flying someday she plans on racing!)

It's amazing how beneficial one hovercrafter's experience can be for another. Mike Jacobson, who had built the UH13P, shows John Thompson a hint on getting his 13 a bit more up to speed...

Yes, that's the PL and Verdon underneath it again! Seems she bottomed out on the race course and some glass came loose. Tuesday morning, when we put her up on lifts, we found she also lost a skid. Well, at 200 hours, it's also time for a new skirt, so it's garage time for the Pink Lady!

It now was repair time for a lot of crafts......a couple days of hard hovering can take its I just walked around and took the following pics for you!

The obstacle course turned out to be a lot of fun....but the relay race had to be cancelled due to the time elements and the beginning of the final races. That was a bit disappointing for me, as I wanted to enter the PL Express in the relays.

It's Good-Bye time and we'll see you next year at another hoverin, George!

It's always tough to say good-bye, but it was a great weekend. 69 crafts attended as a serious injuries resulted to anyone.

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