TROY 2001 - Saturday, Continued.....Page Four!

The manufacturers' fly bys inadvertently weren't too well attended by the StarCruiser group, as a great deal of them had gone on a long cruise downstream to Dayton OH....but for those who did cruise by the shores, I say "thank you" from the Webers!

While the races were on, the cruisers were asked to exit beyond the bridge over a grassy knoll....which proved disastrous to some crafts!

The Neova 8 had troubles immediately....I heard that John Thompson was successful in getting it running..

This Hoverstar just bedded down in the tall grass...

Verdon took me out in the PL and the places we needed to get in and out were not for the faint hearted and finger skirt crafts...we did fine tho.

Graham takes the PL for a run...

And the following pictures are of the model competition which was well attended. I really enjoyed this! Dennis Alm did the official duties and everything was serious hovering here!

The Junkyard Wars' representatives got Hovernaut of the Year for all their efforts.

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