Excitement abounded at Troy, OH, this year!!!!

69 hovercrafts and many, many spectators and craft owners, builders and wannabes deluged the little city and shores of the Great Miami River. As you look thru the following 6 pages, and if you know someone in the photos or just want to strut your own stuff, just drop me a line and I'll gladly fill in the area for you! Thanks for visiting!

I have left the size of the pictures as they came off my digital camera. Some of the 5 pages are a bit lengthy with pictures, so if you want to download in separate windows, here's the URL of the various pages to help you out.

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Kevin's Flight.....Page 6

Temps were very hot (90s every day) and the need for shelter was my concern.

John and Mabel Thompson of Webster NY and their 2000 UH Sportsman.

No, it's not a hovercraft, but it saved the weekend for us. The Conservancy hadn't actually clipped the grass short enough and what had been clipped lay heavy, and was accumulating on hover guards. So a bunch of the guys from CT (and others) got together and rented a mower, purchased a rake, and along with vehicles and tarps, clipped the grassy areas a little neater for all of us! Thanks guys!

Do we need to figure out how to turn on the mower? Come on, you guys....you fly hovers!

Verdon Weber and Kevin Duggan

Glad you did that for us......

Covering areas of a StarCruiser for salt spray hovering.....(the engine cover)

...spark plug and wiring areas...

...closing up the engine cover gap with a thin piece of lexan...

...and again covering the Tecumseh wires and spark plug...

Kevin Duggan had everything I could think of on his hover.....sort of looked a bit like StarWars, too!

More mods in the CT guys' hovers!

Jon Rich has a big grin for everyone all weekend.....I think he really enjoyed himself.

Click on the picture to find out who spent their honeymoon at Troy!!!

Sherri was always swamped at the registration tent. But I sure liked her grin....made it all seem like she really enjoyed it!

The Canadian and Australian crew checked in......

Verdon takes the PL Express out for a wet down. That's Snickers on the duct!

Mike Murphy, St. Louis Hovercrafts, Missouri.

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