Here are some great shots from Mike McCullough, Ohio!

The highlight of the relay races was seeing the Weber

StarCruisers battle it out in the middle of the Miami River.

Terry Chapman is in the foreground, fighting for 3rd place!

Don Bender's (Michigan) Experimental
The gas can that got away, but the hovercraft that


That's why we just can't let anything lie around loose inside our hovers!
A long shot of the Weber Pits...but that's a Weber Knockoff in the foreground...
Owned by Carl Gorsuch, Cincinnati, OH!
Would you believe that's his 3rd craft he's built!
The little guys got in the act, too!  
This is the build in miniature and have it run!  
Hi Mike! You didn't think I would leave these photos out, did you?  
Mike has had his hover but a short time, but has been very ingenious with ways to make hovering better! Here's a tie down on his trailer.  
And he solved the loose tie down problem (the one that costs big bucks in propeller replacement)  
by securing the tie downs permanently to the trailer...  
And the whole trailer has been fiberglassed and painted with a very snappy marine epoxy paint by Valspar!  

Thank you Mike, for the pictures! If you wish more info, just email him!

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