June 19, 20 and 21, 1998


The weekend started early for us as we drove to Cincinnati, OH, first to visit with Carl and Janet Gorsuch. As we had never visited their home, Carl had the itinerary all planned out...from visiting his beautiful 3 bay garage he built himself on the shore of the Little Miami River, then dining out and a vivid discussion of hovercrafting over iced tea for everyone late into the nite.Carl Gorsuch UH13T
After a harsh downpour of rain, thunder and lightning that evening, we were almost afraid to look at what Friday morning might bring for everyone at Troy.
But it was beautiful--and hot. Every participant and onlooker can attest to the heat of the sun throughout the weekend.
In fact, many of us were unaware of what the sun was really doing to our skin. I'm sure we looked something akin to barbecued turkeys!

No hoverally is ever complete until Bob and the kids (Universal Hovercraft-Cordova) arrive!...Universal Hovercraft Arrives

The Starship arrived...StarShip

And here comes Hover Concepts...Hovercraft Concepts

Glenn Schick, family and the GB Express fly in from PA...Glen Schick's UH/Self Design

Manufacturers of hovercrafts represented this year at the rally were Universal Hovercrafts,

GPL Enterprises, Inc.,

Neoteric, Hover Concepts and Weber Hovercrafts.

The Hoverclub planned a flyby for all the manufacturers with their representatives, and everyone got to take plenty of pictures.
Chris' StarCruiser

Ray Miller's StarCruiser

Verdon Weber & His StarCruiser 3

A lot of builders, old friends and newbies to the HoverClub were present from many states, Rhode Island, Ohio, etc.

Rob and his UH

The HoverGuard 700

The Questrek

The Sevtec Vanguard

A few weeks ago Bob Carter (Missouri) finished customizing his StarCruiser, and wife, Jan, would not let a word out to me as to what the finished product looked like!

Bob Carter's StarCruiser

Good job, Jan! I couldn't have held out that long. But the craft is beautiful and represents all of their hard labor, as Jan worked on it as long and hard as Bob did!

Hope the picture does it justice! Bob had son, John, driving quite a bit all weekend, especially when John didn't have a camcorder in his hands! And then Terry Chapman drove, as well as Mike Murphy, Pat Murphy, and the list goes on. Bob was so thrilled to have others drive he simply stood on the sidelines and cheered everyone down the river!

Pat Murphy Driving Bob's SC4

Ray Miller (Pennsylvania) had his 'Bumbled Bee' StarCruiser and says he hasn't got enough driving in yet to be satisfied. He'll be attending all the hoverins he can just to get in flying time! That beautiful yellow and black trim on his craft sets Ray apart from all the other hovers. It's just like having the old Hoverjet back of Ray's, but a bit bigger!

Christian Jenkins (Michigan) felt like he was a novice he said when he came to the rally, but left feeling much more confident in his skills. One would never know he was ever a novice by the number of rides he gave to the public and flying time he put in. Great job, Chris, perfectly done!

Dennis Alm (Minnesota), whom I have to give credit for his many pictures he sent to me and included in our summary, came to the rally without his StarCruiser, unsure of what to expect. I know how he felt. But I certainly appreciate the fact Dennis was so willing to help me get some of these pictures on the net for you this week!

The first one I went to was a bit unnerving. Hovers flying all over and I had a bit of trouble finding some rhyme and reason to it all. Bob Windt's Sportsman's Class
But since then, I see how wonderfully planned and laid out the entire rally is. It has to be planned ahead of time for everyone to have some good hovering time in!

Troy98 Overview

Hovercraft Concepts AeroCruiser

Entry Level hovercraft

Verdon Weber gave many rides all day long every day to the general public. I asked how many...he said he forgot to count! I'm glad the Hoverclub decided to suggest a donation for rides, and I hope this brought in a little needed funds to help support the rally next year.

Linda Weber receives Hovernaut of the Year

As for myself, I got 10 minutes hovering in early Sunday morning, when I didn't have to have the camcorder or camera in my hands, and when no one was around asking about these strange white machines we are producing. The most rewarding film I shot was of a lady getting a ride in Verdon's hover at the prodding of her husband and children. It appeared at first that she was terrified of water, but when she returned back from her ride she had this beautiful glow around her entire presence! Her smile stretched across her face and she couldn't quit saying how much fun she had! I think we have another one 'hooked'!

It's something about hovering that either gets you or doesn't get you! Guess it's like motorcycling, you either do or don't. Or you're pregnant or you're's never just a little bit of anything. When I attended the 95th reunion of Harley Davidson this summer in Milwaukee (at my daughter's request!), I realized while watching that cavalcade of some 47,000 bikes that these bikers probably weren't hovering enthusiasts as well. Guess the lines gets drawn somewhere.

Anyway, I'm proud to be a hovernaut! I love to get more people involved. But first let's rally together to get more children involved...such as building their entry level race craft!
Dee and Skippy and Van

So many communities are looking for something for the children to do in the summer, how much time will it take from some of us to spend an afternoon once a month or so helping get kids in action. Start by having a small meeting in the Central Park of your hometown or a kids and parents night at your chapter meetings, and get them involved in reading about hovers and building!

Bob Windt's Group

We're trying to get the kids from our surrounding area involved first by holding an initial get together in Cuba City. From there, we hope the parents will take it and run with it...with a little guidance from time to time. This is where the investment comes, your time and enthusiasm. Otherwise, who will do it? These kids are the hovering adults of tomorrow.

Hover-ins can be very informal and as impromptu as calling some of your hoverin' friends and suggesting a short cruise at an agreed upon meeting point. Get out of the house, catch some waves and enjoy the outdoors!

Weber Mini-Cruise

Lobdell and Zang in TH98

Say what!!??--you don't have a hovercraft, never rode in a hover, click here! Fly A StarCruiser!