I was
talking to Verdon earlier this and telling him that my thrust engine
throttle cable was very stiff, and that I was going to have to pull it
out and find some way to clean and lube it up. But being the lazy guy
that I am, I came up with a different idea.

Basically, I disconnected the cable at the handlebar end. Then I put
some tape around the joint between the black cable and the silver
fitting on the end (to prevent leaks). I took a regular drinking water
bottle, and drilled a 1/4" hole in the cap. Then I screwed the cap
onto the threaded end of the cable. I put some WD40 in the bottle,
screwed it onto the cap, and flipped the whole thing upright.

Then Terri (my wife) gently squeezed the bottle, while I moved the cable in and
out from the engine end. The cable starting to work smoother right
away. And after a couple minutes, some WD40 started to appear at the
rear end of the cable. I took the bottle back off and put everything
back together, and it's working like new again!

While I'm at it, other tip to share that I learned the hard way!!
I got stranded hovering on the Mississippi river recently. Everything
was going fine, until a heard a terrible noise from the Kohler engine
just before it stopped running in a big cloud of smoke.

To make a long story short... I discovered that when I started the
engine, they key switch did not spring back into the 'run' position
like it should have. It stayed stuck in the 'start' position. And my
Kohler starter motor does not have a bendix, so it was engaged to the
engine and energized for the entire time I was cruising. Eventually,
the starter motor burned up (literally, the source of all the smoke).
And since it was still mechanically engaged, it killed the Kohler.

The good news... No engine damage was done. Just replaced the starter
and the key switch, and all is well again. But I did have to get help
to get towed back to the ramp!

On a side note, I am very happy that I carry a folding PWC type
anchor, and a cell phone when I hover! They both came in very handy!


Check that oil level in your Kohler!!

Oh-FYI - I discovered that my Kohler engine had a leak in the fuel pump. (It is built into the top of the engine, right next to the oil fill plug. The only reason I found it was because my oil level was actually increasing, and found it was caused by the leaking pump allowing gas to get into the engine oil. I also discovered that this pump is very pricy! So instead, I just bypassed it with an electric pump like on the lift.

Thanks bundles Ray! Cya on the river soon!


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