Hoverlovers ... Hoverclub of America ... The Hovercraft Cruising Club ... Lower Wisconsin River Hovergroup ... we all descended upon the stately town of Terre Haute Indiana for a great weekend of racing hovercrafts on a golf course and then cruising them up and down the Wabash River. As most everyone knows, there is a big difference between cruisers and racers......the first day was intended to be a racing event, however, cruisers got on the golf course about 4:30 and enjoyed themselves, too.

Carl and Janet Gorsuch brought their own homebuilt 15 (not a Weber).....but a very good likeness, as quite a few spectators mistook this craft for a StarCruiser! Good job, Carl! StarCruisers Left to right: Mike McCullough's HoverBear; Gary Steffey's BeachComber and Dennis Alm's beloved SC4.
Verdon (Weber) brought his SC23 sporting some of the new decals available to Hoverlovers! Steve (Wilkens) purchased this duct from Terry Chapman for future use.
Yepper....that's the Hoverlady with Verdon Weber.......trying to clutch my camera and fanny pack! and that's Garry Steffey's craft from Goshen, Kentucky!
Mike McCullough (Mason, OH) did a lot of beautiful trim work to the HoverBear.... Terry Chapman visiting with Oltha Lawless and Garry Steffey (KY)...
Bud Bjelland left his StarCruiser at home but brought his wife, stepson and daughter for a grand day of watching the races. Mike McCullough, Verdon Weber and Carl Gorsuch (Cincinnati OH) discussing new trends in hovercrafting.
Matt and Chris Starbuck's remote, it sure is a beauty! The Chapman craft going around the course during one of the heats with the Starbuck 13T craft in the foreground.
Chris Starbuck giving it all she had......and taking the lead in 2 heats that I saw...maybe more. Chris knows there's someone back there, can she stay ahead?
  Christopher Barczynski's Sportsman/F2 craft and Starbuck 13T nose showing in pic.
A pic of Chris...just before hubbie Matt kissed her!! Kevin Pratt in the sister craft to Graham Spencers design. Graham's new craft is not completed yet and he had planned to race his "Stealth"- His world Cup craft was sold at the Worlds in England last year. The "Stealth" had some teething problems in the first race and overheated it's newly installed Rupp engine. Graham was there, but did not race
Charles Dixon (IL) with his SCAT 12 enjoying his first day in racing..... Garry Steffey (KY) showing the decal the local printer puts on his clothing representing the BeachComber StarCruiser he owns.
Andy Pittman sitting in his Hovertrek! Doug Ihrig and Verdon in front of one of the Neoteric Hovertreks.
Mike Lynch and son John racing around for the fun of it...... John again.....
Marquis Songer (IN) and Cecil Scalf (MO)... Mike Lynch (IL)
Louis Bondurant's Air Commander Verdon Weber
Stephanie Lynch in the SCAT2.....she also has learned to drive a StarCruiser and now begs her dad for her own hovercraft! Dennis Alm (MN) and his StarCruiser
  Starbuck double deck trailer made just in time for TH
Graham Spencer giving rides in his own designed craft. Dennis Alm cruising the course, too.
  Marquis Songer and Louis Bondurant posing for me!
  Hovertrek with enclosure.....nice looking craft!
Louis Bondurant showing me what he used (Castor) to get a little extra kick! I noticed the different fumes during the races and asked him about it. Zack Bell
Chris Fitzgerald running the course in Kent Gano's Australian mad machine!  

I didn't get a schedule of events at the race course nor a list of the racers, but I hope I have given you, my reader, a fair representation of what racing at Terre Haute is all about. It's even about cruising on a golf course!! Join us next year if you can. Meanwhile, onto Sunday -- the second day of this grand weekend and some wonderful and surprising cruising events on the Wabash River!

SUNDAY and THE cruisers take on lots of water!