Jan Gorsuch and Gorsuch UH

Saturday was a little on the cool side to the spectators,Janet & Carl Gorsuch w/Verdon Weber

but the racers kept the action going and no one felt the effects of the chilly weather. Navigating the golf course and flying over depressions filled with water was invigorating, as you can see by the action in these photos. TLobdell & BZang on Golf Course.

Time was well spent after the races watching the hovercraft models skim across the course. Here is Eric Goldstein's great version! Eric Goldstein's yellow hover model.

Sunday noon and high waters on the Wabash sparked the enthusiasm of the cruisersVerdon Weber, passengers & StarCruiser
all led by Chris Fitzgerald.Chris Fitzgerald leading the pack!.

Chris has a wonderful way of organizing everyone Confusion as to where to land on muddy river banks.
Just look at that direction he gives! Chris pointing the way!.

And then there was the off road excursion at the gazebo. The Gazebo on Wabash River.

At the gazebo, Chris gave us a history lesson on how Terre Haute came to be...from Fort Harrison (1812-1912) to the present day city of Terre Haute. A stone marks the site and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the defense of Fort Harrison by a small body of U.S. soldiers and some settlers against the Indians in Sept. 1812. The fort was built by William Henry Harrison and at the time of the attack was commanded by Zachary Taylor, both of whom afterwards became presidents of the United States. Therefore, two future presidents of the U.S. walked this ground at the same time!

Looks like a sevtec, but it's not! Some of the cruisers on the trip are shown here.

BZang on cruise

After eating at Clinton and returning to Terre Haute, it was agreed by all 'we had a great time!'

Verdon Weber giving rides on Wabash.

...more hovering news to come later.

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