Welcome to the StarCruiser Hovercraft

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The Year Round Pleasure Craft

(we NOW specialize in refurbished StarCruisers!)

Do you want to carry 4 passengers plus gear?

Do you want the reliability and low maintenance of 4 stroke engines?

Do you want to get over hump in less than 1 1/2 minutes?

Do you want to be able to hover without wearing a wet suit?

Do you want to be able to repair your own hovercraft inexpensively....but most of all

Do you want the after sale service that only StarCruiser Enterprises LLC provides?

**15 foot StarCruiser Hovercraft and tilt bed trailer**

Skims with ease over land, sand, snow, ice, and water.
Great for river travel (summer or winter), sightseeing, fishing, or just plain fun.


....The Quietest 4 Man Hovercraft on the Market!--

STARCRUISER (SC27) -- Specifications

Tele. 608/744-3678

	Capacity                  4+                
	Payload                800lbs+           
	Length                 15  ft            
	Width                   7  ft             
	Height                  5'6''             
	Weight                 470lbs           
	Propeller Diameter       54''              
	Electric Start      Both engines    
	Lift Engines           10 h.p.   (Tecumseh)
	Thrust Engines         27 h.p.   (Kohler Command)   						

Center Mounted Fuel tank/with on dash gauges and volt meter, Electronic Fuel Pump, Prop Adjuster, Tachometer/Hour Meter, Quick Stop Switch, Belt tightener and Cruise Control are standard on All Crafts.
Options include: Anti-Ice Carburetor Kit and Cargo Rack

28728 Crabtree Corner Road
Cuba City, WI, USA 53807

"Fly With The Best!!"

A happy hover day is a safe hover day!

Check Out Hovercraft Insurance...It is Affordable!!!!!!!!

Sound Testing!

Repair your StarCruiser...and replacing skirts, etc.!!!

Building an enclosure for your hovercraft....

How about graphics on that hover???

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Last revised: February 26, 2005.