Looking down river on the Rio Grande is just that...a grand site! And 3 StarCruisers in Midland, Texas have just that right!
Leaving camp and heading up river.  
  Pete's hovercraft going up river about 30 mph. Almost missed the shot.
This is Dale's hovercraft. Look close at the back panel, right side. Battle scars. It's from going around a canyon too fast and sliding into the solid rock canyon wall. The back hit first and then spun around and hit the nose.  
  As far up river as we could go, because of the rapids called Madison Falls. It is about a 6 foot drop in about 100 feet and blocked with boulders that have washed in and fallen from the cliff.
Parking at Madison Falls to fish a little.  
  Running the throw lines. We caught a 17 lb. blue cat on this one line. It has about 6 hooks on it. Look close and you can see the fish. And a 22 lb. yellow cat on the same line.
More pictures of fishing at Madison Falls...or maybe we should say--resting????!
  Another beautiful long shot of the Rio!
The guys have put pipe rails around their StarCruiser, because of the walls of the canyons they must go their fishing journeys. And we think we have it tough in the winter fishing the Mississippi!  
  It's just plain fun and too back we have to go back home!
Going back down river and we're at camp again!  
Thanks to the Vines and McKaskals for all the pictures on this page.  The fun of hovering is seen all over the world.   
What did you do in 1998?  Let us know with pictures and we'll put them up here for all to enjoy!


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