Hovercrafters in Utah and New Mexico!!


We were dispatched to search for a missing ultralite aircraft missing over or around Utah Lake, Utah, late in November, 1995.

We found the man's coat and helmet floating in the lake so we then concentrated our search in the water. We searched the water until the lake froze over and then we searched the lake with a hovercraft and by air every few weeks because a body will heat up from the sun rays passing through the ice, and the body will actually come up through the ice.

We found the body in the spring and the aircraft later in the summer. It appeared that the exhaust system fell of the motor, shattering the prop. The pilot apparently had some time before the aircraft hit the water since he turned off the ignition and fastened his seat belt on the seat behind him. He evidently was not able to survive the extreme cold of the water before reaching shore.

The picture was taken after spending a couple of hours out on the ice and open water. The spray flew up and froze everywhere, including freezing my visor to my mustache. It was a sad recovery.

Chris Reed

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