Host: Ray Matthews

July 6, 7 and 8

Results - It doesn't get any better!


Linda's daughter, Shelly, first out and first back in - with Verdon's craft! Good work Shelly!

Michael Courtney does a shake down cruise before taking out passengers!   Ray Matthews and Shelly on a run upstream!
Beautiful calm water..........   And some 'different' scenery!!

We were downstream at Moline in a park and Travis Wilke surprises us with a visit. After a group picture, we coax him into coming back to the landing at Prophetstown for some RC fun! Thanks Travis!


Surprise visitor this year was Eric Goldstein - our persuasive talented reported talked him into staying over until Saturday for some great fun! Thanks for coming Eric!


More surprise visitors - Dennis and Carol Alm (without their hover tho) joined us for dinner on Saturday nite and breakfast on Sunday - that was a looooooooong drive for them from St. Paul MN to Prophetstown IL. Thanks Dennis and Carol.

Sunday morning meant lots of inquisitive visitors and lots of rides on the Rock River! What a grand day for such fun!


That smile sums it all up - it was his first ride in a hovercraft!!!

  The end of the trail - we all turn around and head back to the landing to load up.

YEPPER! Prophetstown did NOT want us to leave! We barely made it 1/2 way across the bridge and blew a tire!

We will be back tho! It was the best little town's hoverin we have ever had!

Hovercrafting is our passion. Make it yours...try it sometime soon! We have regularly scheduled hoverins or would be glad to just cruise with you!! EMAIL ME at

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