114 HOURS and she was ready for a new a few exterior repairs!

This skirt went thru a lot! Believe me...the first time I had her out, I accidentally took the nose right off the front!!

And then there was the time I tried to haul a log off the beaver dam...and the time the ice floe got me...oh well, it's due time!

  As well as a few minor abrasions, the under belly definitely needed some repair...probably just one two many beaver dams were jumped!
  Great Stuff to the rescue...squirt it in and let it set up!
  The best way to apply fiberglass to the underside is with the use of a piece of waxed paper!
  After that was dry, then came the body filler and the........

Verdon has wrapped a piece of sandpaper around a rounded piece of styrofoam to aid in contacting the surface.

  After the exterior work was done--I gave her a new paint job--but she still is pink!

Oh, and that weird thing the craft is poised on was invented by Verdon and Vernon...we just call it a rotisserie spit!

  And then came the skirt...Verdon helped me get it lined up on the nose before I started totally installing the stainless steel screws.
  I get the feeling someone is watching over my shoulder...
  We're about 1/2 way thru here...still have to have Verdon crawl underneath and attach the inside!
  Alas...I wonder if this skirt will last another 114 hours!


Update: 7/27/00

150 hours and going strong! (Just a note: due to a small accident in Troy OH, the skirt had to be replaced at 200 hours, giving only 86 hours on the 2nd skirt. Hoping for at least 100 hours on this skirt, it's hovering of the latest Weber perfected skirts!

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