The PL Express Flies!

The layout of the PL Express! 1. The PL Express is laid out on the floor of the shop--very simple beginning to the puzzle!
2. The sides are created for the craft--REALLY! By the way, that's Vernon doing the handiwork!
3. The nose is formed. In 1999 we switched to pink foamboard!
4. This is looking aft from the nose of the PL Express.
5. Now we are looking at the console-to-be!
6. The glassing process begins.
7. The duct takes formation.
8. Sanding the duct--I really enjoy this job!
9. We attach the duct to the craft.
10. The final attachment of the duct and we now are looking like a hovercraft!
11. We remove the center of the duct and install supports.
12. Glassing the nose of the PL Express is the easy part!
13. Glassing the interior is not that easy! Try standing at an angle and keeping the epoxy mixture from running!
14. That's why we designed a spit to balance the hover on!
15. Smoothing up the exterior with body filler!
16. With body filler comes sanding--lots of it for that smooth finish!
17. A primer coat is applied and the exterior is checked for more sanding needed.
18. The exterior color this time will be a special Lilac Dream!
19. The PL Express makes her debut out the shop doors!
20. The first time a new owner sits in his craft, the world takes on a new meaning--and this time, it's for ME!!

Whether you are a first time hovercrafter or a veteran, you can still appreciate the work that goes into building a hovercraft. We have built many and therefore the time spent on each craft is not lengthy any more...but there was a time when it took a lot longer. At the present, it takes approximately 100 man hours to complete a StarCruiser hovercraft!

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