Update that Oil Draining Technique!

Harold Carter, SC owner in GA, surprised me one day and told us of his update to his 25 hp Kohler. Since that time, we think we've improved upon the idea, but essentially the parts are all the same. But a problem arose from the way the original suggestion was laid out. Here's the story:

Mike McCullough and Verdon Weber

It took a small incident on the Mississippi River and some great cooperation, some fun loving hovernauts, and a tree branch to update an oil drain valve on Mike McCullough's hovercraft. Mike was here to visit for a few days for some updates and showing us his innovations to his StarCruiser. We all decided to get a few guys together to hover the Mississippi the last day before he would head back home to work. Here's the story as it happened:

Sept. 13, 2002: Today was a beautiful day to hover the Mississippi and the Turkey rivers. All we need at the Weber ranch is one visitor with a StarCruiser to have a 4 craft invasion on the Mississippi (including Verdon's, Vernon's and my crafts).  Only today we had 3 more crafts, one newcomer to hovercrafting (John Gloeckner and his wife Jenny), Mike McCullough and Dennis Bobb and Mary with their new 2003, making it a grand total of 6 crafts. We went in at Potosi point, which a lot of you are familiar with and headed for the Iowa side and the huge sandbar!  Figured this was a good way to introduce John and Jenny to the largest sandbar on the Mississippi.  We all made it up very gracefully, much to the chagrin of a group of volleyball players on top of the dune....but we all introduced ourselves and started to kid around, and they learned we weren't foreign terrorists!  They said they had seen one or two of these crafts but never so many at once and never invading the sand dune! Mike McCullough had made it to the top of the sand dune, parked his craft, shut off the engine, looked back at his prop, and then noticed that at that point his oil drain valve just gave away and all the oil from his Kohler just come spurting out of the engine all over the craft.  We used sand to soak up the oil, and clean the floor, etc. and Vernon went back to the truck to get oil, while Verdon found a new 'plug' (a/k/a proper sized tree branch) and some electrical tape for a stabilizer.   All was well and we were able to hover from then on.


Anyway, the jest of this story is:  if you have an oil drain valve configuration as shown in the picture above; drain your oil, remove it and put the proper valve in.  Eventually you'll be in the same predicament as Mike was today, Dennis Alm was some time ago, etc., etc.  You don't need your day messed up........we were very fortunate to have all the technical help on hand we needed......someone to run for oil and someone else to find a proper sized tree branch.  hahahaha! Here is the proper set up:


We now offer the entire kit with instructions for you to update your oil drain system for $20/shipping included. Just email me and I'll set you up. You will receive everything you need, including the coupling and the following items:

3 ft. hose

Oil drain valve #125-297 from Kohler. You will still need a gallon milk jug cut open so that you can place it on the floor of the craft to allow the oil to run downwards into it. The milk jug also works super under the Tecumseh and the fan, as it is flexible and allows you to pull it up thru the blades without any damage. Just keep the handle in tack when you are cutting it up!


And if you are ever caught out in the wilderness without your drain plug and oil all over the interior of your hovercraft, here are the 2 essential tools you will need....lots of sand to soak up the oil and a small branch!

Good luck!

Any questions, email us at StarCruiser Ent. LLC....and now

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