Our favorite river for hovering in the fall is the Platte River, just off the Mississippi River. And if the water is low enough you can egress to the Miss. via under a railway trestle.

Ed and his friend came from Birmingham, AL, to check out Wisconsin's autumns...while he waits for his own hovercraft to be completed.

  It was a beautiful afternoon for Verdon got out his SC3 to take everyone for a ride!  
This is the PL Express carrying everyone...not too shabby for a SC3 with an 18 hp Briggs Vanguard!  
  You can be sure a StarCruiser will leave you in its wake...what there is of it, at least!
Ed became a pro in no time and went off driving the PL Express...and driving...and driving!  
  Verdon doing what he does rides!


Well, if the hover bug has hit you, and you want to look into a StarCruiser, just give us a jingle! Otherwise, we'll see you at the next hoverin!


"Fly With The Best!!"