Hovercrafters in Midland, TX!!

(or was it the North Pole?)

Dale Vines opened his Christmas gift from his wife (Nancy) to find.....what else, but a replica of his own StarCruiser complete with battery, gas tank, engine, prop, steering, etc.! Surprise was written all over his face!

Now it rests comfortably on his end table!

It all came about because Nancy Vines and Madeline Cole (sisters in law) knew their husbands would like a remote control hovercraft (office sized) from Santa this past Christmas. When they turned to us to find one, we gave them all the possibilities...the catalogs, the manufacturers, even a few friends who might be cajoled into producing one...but to no avail. So Verdon decided to give it a try and made not only 2 perfect to scale StarCruisers, but 3...as he gave me a replic of the PL Express for the office. Now it rests comfortably above me on the computer hutch! However, these are not remote control...just static!

Guess it's not WHAT you know...it still is WHO you know!

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