Vernon Weber, Leo Stamm, and Eric Goldstein pause before the cruise!
  Leo Stamm and Tom Schulte in their Sevtec leaving out for the 2nd day cruise! This craft flew beautifully, navigating the Wisc. River with ease...very showy in red!!
  The WIGs started out the day's Bob W. in his UH Wig!
  Verdon Weber flew his Weber WIG under the bridge routinely with ease, showing its extreme maneuverability.
  Carl did a wonderful job bringing the WIG in thru the following shots...
  flying about 2 to 3 feet...
  returning from upriver...
  There's an airboat just left of the WIG trying to keep up!
  Verdon banks as if to say, "that's all folks!" and calls it quits for the nite!

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