Our driver's meeting started off each cruise so everyone was familiar with the river and the local authorities...of which one craft was pulled over for possible lack of numbers...but the DNR found the numbers and apologized. They just wanted to see the hovers up close and personal, we guessed!
  That's Ben Tilson's craft, Minnesota, and his two darling little boys sitting inside, patiently waiting for the cruise to begin.
  Along the way we found time to chit chat and reminisce...that's me on the left!
  This pic was taken closer to the Prairie dam...about the time the problems began with various skirts.
  That's Carol Alm in the foreground...StarCruiser co-owner in St. Paul, MN!!
  A long shot of a few crafts...
  Another sand bar gathering...
Back at home at Muscoda, that's the PL Express coming up the landing...
  Brian Chambers (UH19P), Jim Jakosh (UH16P) and John Windt (UH19P).
  Roger Scott's AirRider from Ohio! That was one of the fastest crafts at the cruise, other than the WIGS!

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