Muscoda WI - June (5), 6, 7 and 8

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Doug Birlingmaier

Miles and miles of river, sandbars three and four foot high on the downriver side, tons of hovercrafts and a happy generation of hover owners and hover wannabes made this the largest Midwest Cruise event ever! The Magnificent Seven and the Lower Wisconsin River Hovergroup joined forces to bring the event together. I helped coordinate the event by advertising the hoverin and asking for help from the event goers, and doing a LOT of leg work all weekend. Lost 2 Martha says: It's a good thing!

I have a few cans of the new AVON Mosquito/Insect Repellent (that really worked!) left for sale from the auction as well as one Muscoda Souvenir Hanes Sweatshirt in a size XXL. Just email me or call me.

Would the owner of the propeller left for sale on the auction trailer please email me; I HAVE YOUR really sold it!!

John Rich's hovercraft is aptly named Water Iron. His wife Val thought it was shaped very much like her household iron.....good thinking!


Kevin Duggan and son, Kevin, from Rhode Island, Pete Gardell, Connecticut, and John Rich, Connecticut, were the first to arrive at the campgrounds. Verdon and I joined them Thursday June 5th, and we put on an enjoyable 100 miles, taking in the sights at Mazo, enjoying an ice cream cone at Sauk City and just hoverin' around -- the first cruise of a great weekend ahead.

This was our chance also to try out "Dick's Speak Easy Headphones" and in my opinion they are "awesome". I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to have totally clear conversation with anyone in our party at all times - whether first or last in our stretch of the river. Kevin had offered Verdon and I a pair to join in the fun, and what I liked most was the occasional one-liners from John Rich in the group! He caught me off guard A LOT and a huge guffaw could be heard from my headset! It truly is much more enjoyable to be able to talk with fellow cruisers while hovering.


I sure could have used a second set of hands as I experienced a severe plow-in with my passenger, Kevin (Jr.). We had taken a shortcut following the 'pack' thru the back waters of the river, when a sudden gust of wind and a full auxiliary gas tank which I was carrying for someone slid rear to front on the floor and more than caught me off guard. I hit the Quick Kill Switch, and in such a flurry of excitement, I accidentally tripped it back on. Kevin and I slid into a downed tree; branches came over the windshield catching me on my nose and Kevin suffered scraped arms as he shielded his face from the oncoming slaughter! The Pink Lady lost a bit of her nose too, as she scraped her way into the branches.

Pete Gardell had heard me exclaim "Oh No!" as we hit and everyone came scurrying back to find us a bit shaken but definitely okay. The guys threw a white bandaid on the Pink Lady and off we went. No damage done other than to some white foam area of the nose. Her new skirt was totally intact yet! YES!

On Friday John Rich went on a shopping trip and came back with various supplies for himself and the Pink Lady. He presented her with her very own personal first aid kit consisting of: PINK DUCT TAPE, PINK STRETCH GAUZE, PINK COHESIVE FLEXIBLE BANDAGE, and pink gloves for me so that I can handle her with TLC! Thanks are too much!


Ill fate nearly caught John (Rich) off guard on Saturday as a loose gas can (empty) lodged itself against the muffler of his craft and slowly melted away before becoming noticed! Yikes.....the force is with you, John, for sure!


While Thursday was hot and dry, Friday came along with rain showers. But it only proved further that you can't dampen the hovernaut's spirit. We began the morning with a guess your time type of game and Pete Gardell began the line up with an excellent guess. Andy Pittman was next out and ran the course with passengers....but all went wrong here as Andy blew the nose out of the bag skirt on something in the area of the turns. Although all of us could have patched the skirt for him, it honestly looked as if a new skirt would be a better idea.


I just happened to have a new skirt in my car for just such an emergency and lots of guys around to install it. With lots of tarps pulled from various vehicles and umbrells, we got the job done. Unfortunately this happned while John Rich was on his 'personal' shopping trip for the Pink Lady, because he also had the jack stands that would have made lifting the craft much easier. Wow, these guys from CT and RI don't go anywhere unprepared. If you named it, they had it. And these jack stands are the ultimate.

Kevin Duggan decided he was also having troubles with his skirt and since John was back, we got a really good demonstration of their usefulness.

Doc Bowden and Pat watch as John Demonstrates!   Take 2 Farm Jacks......
Add a little wood items......   Hover over the boards......
Or in this case, force the boards below the craft....   Jack it up.......
The tilt is built in.....   It don't get no easier!!!!!

The ideal hover jack!

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