THE KODAK MOMENT of Spring 2000!

(all pictures are clickable to full size!)

The line of hovers started to gather in anticipation of Saturday!   The entrance at Victora park says it all!
As craft began to gather for the Saturday outing, the river began its fury of white capping...   which left only a few of the brave to park on the landing...and decide to hover!
The landing was full of crafts and cars...   the park always comes thru with lots of room for the 22 hovers that showed on Saturday!
If you were brave enough to hover, you also were brave enough to get really wet!   The bright yellow craft provided many a KODAK moment at this hoverin!
Bill Zang takes John's 19P out for a bath!   Meet Mr. Airwolf from Indiana!
Scott Sodervick, ambassador from Indiana; Bob Steinhauer, ambassador from Wisconsin--only living 1 miles from this boat landing!!   We looked the craft over for the isn't there, Scott!
Universal Hovercrafts on board...   Mike McCullough (left) ambassador from Ohio;Dean Pollee, readying himself for a cruise in Dennis Alm's craft, who is the ambassador from Minnesota...
A short meeting and lunch for all...   Concerns were brought up about noise...
Mike McCullough gave us the details of the Ohio sound testing!   Linda prepares to get wet!!
The water doesn't look bad here, but 2 foot swells didn't leave anyone dry! This was really the worst I have ever seen the Wisconsin River dish out!   Carl Gorsuch, ambassador from Ohio, gets his craft ready! By the way, he has decided to sell this craft if you are interested...
And Terry Chapman shows up for our spring hoverin!   Thank you Eric, Mike and Terry for all your contributions to the Hoverclub of America! You guys are great!
Ken Roberts from Minnesota--alt.rec.hovercraft NG???   Mike Lynch, Lombard, IL with his SCAT...also Dave and Connia Adams from Millington, IL, brought their AC3.
That's me telling Ben to be carefull out there!! Ha! Ha!   Ben gave us lots of Kodak color against that sky!

Well, that's page turn to page Two and also get the story from Doug Ihrig, Andy Pittman and their windy cruise!

If you missed this one, don't forget the August 18, 19, and 20 Hoverin, same place!!

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