Muscoda WI - August 14, 15, 16 and 17 (2003)

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The upper Midwest had been declared drought typical and the Wisc. River didn't disappoint anyone with tons of sandbars! What we didn't expect to see at this hoverin was an amphicar.....but as the masters of the hovercraft trade gathered from Aug. 14 thru 17, wannabes and owners alike, showed up to participate in a hoverin that was B.Y.O.E. (bring your own everything)!

  Bob Windt, Vernon Weber and Verdon Weber...sharing their knowledge and their talents with everyone interested. Lots of rides were available all weekend along!
  Verdon and I took this opportunity to try camping on a sandbar (as if we couldn't find one!) and hovering 8 miles to the hoverin each day. Of course, we knew we couldn't keep it secret, and we were often joined by other StarCruiser owners and this made it even more pleasant.
Ken Roberts in his craft; this was prior to an unfortunate 360 that dumped he and his passenger into the Wisconsin River.......the passenger is the owner of the Amphicar but he was undaunted and thought that was just normal in a hovercraft!  
    What a rush.....I got to have a ride in an Amphicar! Absolutely awesome......but it still doesn't compare to a hovercraft ride!
The HoverLady's birthday was Thursday and she wasn't...   telling how she was thoroughly surprised by cake and ice cream on Friday, as well as a camera battery charger for her hovercraft! All this was instigated by her hover buddies! Thanks Guys and Gals! You're too much!
The very best part of any hoverin to me is the size of the crafts that show up. I stood in awe in June as the GB Express was unloaded......and now I watch this tiny little RC attempt to push the PL Express around.....not in your lifetime baby!

Actually this is Verdon's StarCruiser RC that he now as for sale on his website at: It's StarCruiser RC Time!

The little rascal really takes a licking and keeps on hovering!  
Somehow Dave Janni's craft came up with a bit of fiberglass missing.....Vernon and Verdon aptly repaired on the spot for Dave.  
  Yepper....that's me and Stephanie Lynch taking turns driving the PL!
And then one morning Verdon and I awoke to a dense fog over the campsite and hovered our way very carefully from Blue River to Muscoda.  
This is what it means to have a clogged boat ramp. A few of us mistakenly parked on the landing and were quickly 'penned in' by the canoe launchers!   Well, as all good things quickly come to an end, when you don't want them to, Sunday evening came and we headed home with some gorgeous sun tans from a beautiful weekend.
  Isn't that one beautiful hovercraft!! But that's what it's all about.........


The following weekend, a group of StarCruisers (including newest owner, Mike Lynch and John Lynch) camped on the great river one more time for the season. Here's the report back from Michael Courtney and M.A.D. Mag:

Hi Gang:     Just giving you an update that Mike Lynch is really enjoying hovering with his starcruiser.  Saturday morning I drove to Guttenberg to pick up The M.A.D. Mag "it was there so I didn't have to hall it to Clear Lake IA last Sunday". I took off from Bussey Lake at 10:45 pm and headed out on to the Mississippi for a 15 mile cruise upto the Wisconsin river.  It was rough out on the Mississippi with all the boat traffic but once I entered the Wisconsin is was smoooooooth hovering.  I set the cruise control to the second notch and hovered around 30 mph all the way towards Muscoda.  When I was only a mile away from Victora Park I see two Starcruisers heading my way.  I was on the northside of a huge sandbar and the other starcruisers were on the southside.  I went cross country for about an 1/8 of a mile to catch them and up on the sandbar come Verdon and Mike Lynch with John Lynch hovering with his Dad.      They were surprise to see me and when I told them I had hovered up from Guttenberg there mouths dropped opened.  Mike said that I had a lot of faith in my hovercraft and I said "I have a lot of faith in the ones that built it. We headed down river and the Guy's setup there camp on a sandbar.  After that we went hovering with John Lynch riding with me "something about not wanting to get sprayed anymore" LOL.   Later on I wondered it he had made the right choice.    Verdon leading we went down river 5 miles and then he turned into a sideshoot which instantly became cluttered with snags and downed trees.  He came to a spot where there were too many snags to keep going but ole Verdon wasn't going to be stopped. There was about an 8 foot width that we could get through if we jumped over this downed tree Log.  I watched Verdon do it and thought that I might make it too.  I must have forgotten that I am not in the same class of expertise as the Master and I had a passenger. I hovered up an over it but felt the right rear hit and heard a crack.  After I got over I could not get up on cushion and we had come to a dead end. Verdon had already turned around and was going back the same way.  I turned around but even at full lift could not get up on cushion. I decided to find another route instead of going over the log and found one and got through.  I crawled up to a sandbar and after the water drained out of the skirt I was able to get on cushion.  I decided to have a look and used the Handy Dandy ELD to lift the back left side.  We noticed the water release flap was almost torn off and saw a couple of other minor tares.  I got the Milk Crate out and Verdon and I proceeded to patch the skirt with him cutting and replacing the outside flapp while I worked on the inside tares. Roughly 30 minutes after I had reached the sandbar we started out hovering with John still hovering with me.  "did I forget to mention that during that fiasco he was drenched.  John was dried off completely by the time we were ready to hover again. Down the river we went with Verdon leading but when he went into a snag full side shoot again I had second thought's along with Mike and we hovered down by the mainstream to where Verdon finally came over a dry creak bed. We hovered down to Woodard and had lunch.  It was getting to be about 4:00 pm when we said our goodbye's and I headed west while they head east.      Out to the Mississippi I went and again it was rough and wild with the big boats and the Wind.  I made it back to Bussey Lake around 5:45 pm.  I looked at my GPS and noticed there was 115 miles put on this day.   Happy Hovering   Mike C

Another great hovering weekend...they just never quit!

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