Muscoda Bridge over the Wisconsin River at Hwy. 60 and by Charles Dixon.

Both of my camcorders were 'down' and I am so glad our hovernauts are always handy as Charles Dixon had brought his digital cam and captured (and edited!) these videos for all of us. Thank you! (Videos are now in Media format. Updated 8/29/01)

Video 1

Peter Gungel and his UH6F Maiden Flight

That's Bob Windt (UH) giving Peter some sage advice. I listened in and basically there are 2 things to remember when flying this craft......the UH6F will float because it's built of styrofoam and if Peter wears his lifejacket, he will float. That's all we needed to know......hmmmmmmmm! The transition from land to water and vice versa is a real treasure we hovercrafters hold over our boating friends. and when you are only 11 and this is your first time on water in your very own home-built treasure, well you can well-imagine the pride! See for yourself! Choose your appropriate connection to play or download....

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Video 2

Hoverlovers Awards

Belonging to an online group has many benefits....comaraderie in a way one would never expect of clubs! The and the Lower Wisconsin River Hover Group chose this occasion to award worthy hovernauts, and wow, were they surprised!

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Video 3

Hovering the weekend with your buddies!

A beautiful musical montage of the hover-in just for you. So sit back, choose your connection and enjoy!

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