Page Two of Muscoda Hoverin...a/k/a THE KODAK MOMENT!

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I'm ready for the worst...that's Verdon driving!   Mike McCullough saved the day with lots of photos with his digital camera! I learned how to take 70 pictures with one snap!!
The PL Express awaits any one brave enough...   Lots of rides were given!
Mike McCullough's SC4 waits for him...   Rosemary Yetter and Carol Alm just wait!!
The shop dog goes hovering, too!   Terry Tanner's camo craft...and Dennis Bobb.
Verdon and...   Vernon!
Dennis Alm transports his hover with larger axles...therefore the reason for it being on jacks in this picture.   Just out having fun, someone in a StarCruiser!
    Mike McCullough's craft is quite a picture as the sand bubbles up around it....<hint!> the lift engine is idling!!
Eric made several fantastic jumps...   But this is the best one I could catch on film.
And he's seen leaving the jump here.   Verdon readies himself for a fast approach to the jump!
    Bob Steinhauer's craft developed a large skirt hole, and I offered to do the repairs...
I finally used someone's cable ties to finish up the process faster!   And Snickers wandered off to investigate the sand bar.
Well, we had a good time. We hoped the weather on Saturday would have been bettter...   But all hovering is an experience, isn't it!!

Here's Andy Pittman and Doug Ihrig's story about how the wind affects a craft--quite unexpectedly! Doug, Andy, the Wind and 2 Engine Crafts!!

If you missed this one, don't forget the August 18, 19, and 20 Hoverin, same place!!

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