Hovercrafters in Maine!!

Barry Goodell represents hovercrafting in the true state of Maine with a Weber StarCruiser! You can email Barry at: goodell@umit.maine.edu

And then there is Dave Martin who owns a 19P.......check him out at: http://www.ctel.net/~bojangless/hoverpage.html

Dave sends me the following short story:

Ok here is a descritpion and a small story.   Its a 19p with a Briggs & Stratton 18 hp motor for lift and a Fiat motor for thrust. It seats 4 ppl, kinda like sitting in a cessana in the back.It has a single stick for the 2 control surfaces and throttle mounted on the stick(a motocycle twist grip.) I have tested it out on a couple of lakes so far with plans on visiting a few rivers this comming summer. It has an airspeed indicator that said we were doing almost 60 mph across the water.  I can tell you from my water craft experience that it was pretty close. It was by far the best ride at that speed I have ever been in. Myself and a friend went to Pa to pick this craft up from Maine we did the trip in a 24 hour period(wow what a ride). Well while comming home and stopping for gas we got more looks with this black beauty sitting on the trailer then you could imagine. Truckers blinking lights , gas station attendents scratching there heads wondering what in tarnation that thing was. This ride was a definte one to remember. I would like to thank Matt  for accompanying me on the trip(pssssst it was his vehicle we used to tow with.) So now here she is back in Maine and I promised Matt to be the first rider. So on the next nice day that we could get together Matt and I went for our first ride to the nearby lake. We had a few spectators watching us pull in and prepare the craft . Upon completetion of checklist instead of launching like you would think, I told Matt that we would launch like a boat for today. As none of the people watching got to close it would be good for a laugh.We backed her in, I held her at the dock while Matt parked the van. We then started the thrust motor and proceeded at an idle to clear the launchway. Having done that and the spectators drew a little closer it was time to start the lift motor.The hover motor started and a cloud of mist arose from the hovercraft and it proceeded to lift itself of the water .The look on their face was worth a million dollars. We then throttled her up and away we went . The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful and she preformed to my expectations. All I can say is wow ..... Well I will be checking out the local rivers and not so local rivers this summer and would be glad to post any exceptional rides with an invitation for a visit to maine.Until then Happy Hovering Dave

You can email Dave at: blade@ctel.net

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