As is normal at Muscoda, WI, this time of year the Wisconsin River is usually very high! And it didn't disappoint anyone who was expecting it! The great Morel Festival began downtown Muscoda Friday evening with a softball tournament...as the hovers began to arrive at Victora Campground and local motels. The onlooking curious public slowly drifted in everyday and kept everyone busy with questions and of course the all important "Can I have a ride"?....!!!! Ray Matthews takes the trophy for giving 106 miles of rides, but not without a price.....the skirt tore the last few hours of Sunday.

We all got good chances to try our hands at speed runs, all with a mild tail wind and extremely fast moving waters! Doug and Katie got pictures from a helicopter which we'll be able to see soon!

We were asked to do a radio interview and discuss hovercrafts briefly for the local community. Then EVERYONE knew we were at the boat landing! Demos were scheduled for 11 to 2 Sat. and Sun. and at 4:45 we were finally able to pull Verdon off the river so we could hit the Fire Dept. Steak Feed Sat. nite.

Owners/drivers/passengers this year included: Ray and Terri Matthews, Freeport, IL in their StarCruiser (The Prowler); Michael Courtney, Mt. Vernon, IA, in his StarCruiser (M.A.D. Mag); John Lynch and Mike Lynch with their SCAT 12 from Lombard IL; Doug Birlingmair and his daughter Katie with their UH12T4 from Elkhorn WI; Dennis and Carol Alm, West St. Paul, MN, with their StarCruiser; Dan Brewer, Richland Center, WI, (building a UH12T4), Verdon Weber, Cuba City, WI, with his StarCruiser, and myself with the Pink Lady.

John Lynch readies his dad's SCAT for a fun weekend! I believe this is the very machine that Charles Dixon ALWAYS wore a wet suit in! Funny thing.....John didn't need one! Whassup Charles????

Dennis Alm, Mike Lynch, Doug Birlingmair, Terri Matthews, Carol Alm all discussing the great Steak Feed scheduled for Sat. evening!

Sorry, but I got there a bit late and didn't get names here......the rc truck was pulling an rc hover!! It was great!

The Prowler got a new look this spring as Ray painted the craft "Safety Yellow".....how appropriate for hovering! The graphics are also new and lend a fast look to a fasssst craft!

Dennis Alm and John Lynch playing around in the high water.......Dennis hit a speed run of 58.7 mph this weekend! And John did 51 mph!!

This was an awesome boat landing as it was easy in and easy out. The river was in flood stage for the area and gave us all a challenge with the fast paced current.

You gotta love John's body english! I enjoyed it all weekend and even used a bit of it on my own. Now notice the 'warning' sign to the right of John in the picture......there's a drop off right there into about 9 feet of water.....and as you read on, you'll notice where pedestrians were walking their dogs!!!

Verdon heads out to dust off the skirt, preparing for a speed run! His StarCruiser happily gave a lot of rides also this weekend, and his best speed attempt was 59! He said he couldn't get it over 59, but felt assured if he had replaced the skirt prior to the hoverin, it could have gone to 60!

Just a short lineup of crafts....later we had to move everything to prepare for the city fireworks to be shot off on the ramp. As usual, the city of Muscoda outdid itself with the best fireworks yet!


SURPRISE! You thought this would be a hovercraft, huh? Well, I have a passion for Mustangs having been an owner of a lot of years of the early ones, and a few of us walked over to the Car Show near the campground to take a breather and enjoy the sights! Ummmmmmm, memories. Price tags on the older Mustangs were around $9,000.....and I asked if I could trade a hovercraft but got 'no takers'!!!

It wasn't all hovering this weekend; we had a lot of rc stuff going on. Verdon brought ALL his rc hovers and a few of his airplanes and had a blast flying them around. Here he's powering it up from the battery in his truck!

John Lynch went home with intentions of building a replica of this 'going machine'! They actually begin with a glider kit from Hobby Lobby for $4.99!

This was so wonderful........Terri and Ray Matthews had recently visited Florida and the Cape and came home with a souvenir for The Prowler!

The Prowler happily carries another 'crew' into flight!


Now, remember when you started reading here.......the DROP OFF! That retriever is just approaching the edge and eventually has to swim back to shore! The Wisconsin River has a history, but if you respect it and are aware of what you are doing and where you are, you'll do okay. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be in a hovercraft too!


Skirt tears........a serious listing........Ray heads back to shore. The passengers weren't without luck though as Verdon offered to take them out again in another craft! Thank you Ray and Verdon!

John Lynch on another speed run!

Phil Townsend's boys come back with a big smile on their faces. Phil is the local Kohler/Tecumseh/Briggs dealer in Muscoda.


Well, the water is down about a foot on Sunday already.....with promises of coming down further during the week. Check out the Caution sign now.

Even my cousin got into the act.......61 years old and never been on the water! He had a blast....but he refused to go any further than the edge!!!

We'll end the story there......John and Dad Mike discussing what a great job of flying John did all weekend, and the fact also that Mike can't wait til John gets a StarCruiser!!!! :-)

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