Muscoda WI - AUGUST 05, 06 and 07, 2005

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Verdon Weber brought his propeller driven (aided) bike to enjoy the early mornings!

Our hoverin was dramatic this year as we were pleased to welcome Bruce Hale from Alaska to join us! He surprised the Webers at their homestead on Sunday evening with a phone call from Juneau (supposedly) announcing thath is friend Phil would be coming to Muscoda this year and asked that we kind of guide him around if we could. We agreed but also suggested that Bruce take an early flight during the week to Madison WI where we could meet him and bring him to our place. Well, I honestly didn't think he was too keen on that idea, but he did agree to at least check out the flights if he had the time. But since he was visiting his daughters, he reminded me of the pace daughters can put you thru!

Monday proved to be a different type day as we found this rather jolly old nick type person wandering across our lawn, after launching himself from this vehicle that looked as if it could have flown down from the North Pole! And indeed it also had Alaska plates on it! Bruce had totally 'wowed us' as he enjoys doing to everyone! While the phone call last evening was not from Juneau AK, it was indeed from Platteville WI, only a few miles away from us. The gentleman named Phil still remains unclaimed - although it appeared he had rented site #16 at the campgrounds for the past weekend's hoverin.......funny thing tho! That site was also rented by us!

As I write this story, Bruce has now left us on the following Monday from his arrival and is on his way across the US to visit with other friends. Bruce spent the entire week with us and other hovernauts and enjoyed one really remarkable hoverin at Muscoda!

A special thank you to the 16 StarCruiser owners and their crafts who joined us and Bruce all weekend and enabled him to enjoy himself on the river in remembrance of his StarCruiser which recently perished in the fire.

Marvin and Dee Olver, Cedar Rapids, IA; Dennis and Carol Alm, St. Paul, MN; Dan Brewer, Richland Center, WI; Pat Brewer, Muscoda, WI; Michael Courtney, Anamosa, IA; Ray and Terry Matthews, Freeport, IL; Vernon Weber, Cuba City WI; Mike and Kathy (and Yvonne) Cohen, Menomonee Falls, WI; Mike McFarland, MI; Doc and pat Bowden, MacGregor, IA; Ben Tilson, Rochester, MN; Andy Pittman and Donna Woods, MO; Glenn, Peter and Laurie Gungel, Forreston IL; Ty Tanner, Muscoda, WI; Verdon Weber, Cuba City, WI; and Linda Weber, Cuba City; WI.


The best shots of the formation performed under Hwy. 23 bridge at Spring Green. 9 StarCruisers who were later joined with other Scs for our annual ice cream run!


Bruce Hale, Verdon and Vernon Weber and Mike Courtney around the breakfast table discussing the week's activities and primarily how to load peanut butter onto Ho-Hos properly!


Mike Cohen, pic #3, Mike Courtney #4, Doc and Pat Bowden #5

Dan Brewer getting ready to lift off - New woman driver on the scene in the next 2 photos! Linda's got competition!!!

OOPS! Secret is out - it's Verdon's new Electric RC StarCruiser! Scott Jingra in the back ground. Most will remember it was Scott who originally started the Muscoda hoverins!

Peter Gungel testing Terry Chapman's 10F on the Wisconsin!

Marvin Olver giving rides; Jerry (?) MN and Terry takes to the skies!

More flights of Terry's - doesn't he ever get bored??? Awesome production Terry!!! You're a true testament to WIG production.'s Terry again! Grace in flight!!

Terry ends the evening ... Bruce Hale takes a run into the sun with the PL Express!

Center Photo - Rob Tilton (IL) takes the PL Express for a stretch as well!

Landing was a bit tricky as we were nestled along the 'senior center' side of the campsite. The police had warned everyone to keep their hovers off the boat landing, and we were definitely complying!

Verdon shows everyone the 'how to' of landing with a Quick Kill - StarCruisers get ready for a formation flight!

Beautiful day for a flight up the Wisconsin!

As we always do, stops along the way on a sandbar for a stretch and cool drink of water are absolute necessities. Bruce Hale, our 'Santa' from Alaska poses near the craft he was driving.

Bruce Hale, Verdon, Marvin Olver pausing on the Sandbar.

Linda goes for a ride in the Hover-Shuttle - more aptly, put: falls into the Hover-Shuttle. There was no step inside and I literally fell in, straining muscles and bumping my head.

Photos from inside the Shuttle during the ride.

After the ride, Verdon let Raymond take his StarCruiser for a flight and I let Lawrence take mine.

Hovercrafters taking a peek under the Hover-Shuttle on Sunday.

Oh Verdon - I would not do that if I were you!

How many hovernauts does it take to lift a Hover-Shuttle?

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