Hovercrafters in Minnesota!!

David Janni, New Ulm, MN, picked up his StarCruiser on March 4th, one of the best days of the year to do so, and following are some of the pictures of his first journey on the Mississippi River while he received some short (un-needed!) training from Verdon Weber...

David is a mechanic at Kraft Foods and his wife is a teacher at a local school. Now that the children have left home, it was time for David to find a new hobby...

  Arriving at the Potosi Boat Landing, hovercrafts get unloaded and launched!
  David learned really fast as he had a little drive time under his belt while he waited for his craft to be built...thanks to Dennis Alm!
  Here's Dennis in the PL Express, as he had been visiting a relative in Indiana and stopped by to spend some time with us...and of course, hoping to be able to hover on such a grand day!
  4 Guys aboard Dave's craft and having fun!
  Verdon and Dave against the glare of the sun...
  Formation flying on the Mississippi, with Verdon in the lead with the enclosure on his craft!
  There goes Dave!!
  Resting on the sand bar as the Mississippi rises to 10 feet!
  Verdon passes by with total protection from spray, sand or wind!
  Formation flying just for the fun of it, with Verdon in the lead!
  Coming in for a landing at the boat ramp...
  Circumventing the obstacles of the backwaters!
  Dave comes in for a landing, too!
  More formation flying, just like the many geese we saw that day on the river! What a tribute!
  Verdon, David, Wally and Dennis!

That's all folks, and it was a day worth hovering!!!


To visit with David Janni, just email him!!!

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