Hovercrafters in Minnesota!!

Playing on the Mississippi River in the PL Express...that's Dennis Alm!
That's not the best picture, but you can see Dennis' big smile--far right!

Muscoda--Dennis and Carol Alm in their craft at the National Cruise 1998!


Hovernauting in the Schools!

Dennis and Carol are avid hovercrafters in MN, near St. Paul, and have looked for the better part of this year for a school to support which was willing to build an entry level craft for educational and racing purposes.  Recently, Eric Goldstein (Illinois hovercrafter) did a promo for hovering at Aurora and then Dennis got into action with a great donation to the school. Thank you, Dennis and Carol.

(A letter from Dennis and Carol)

     I recently became the sponsor for the East Aurora High School science club.  They are extremely excited about building a full size entry level UH-10F hover craft.  The school is just west of Chicago at Aurora, Ill.  They had and article in the Sept/Oct 1999 Hovernews.  Eric Goldstein did some demos there and got them ready to build.  I contacted them and we decided it would work well if we got them the kit form of this craft.  They picked it up just before Christmas and are eager to get started.

     I became their sponsor to get more young people excited about our hobby.  Who knows what things these kids will go on to create after getting a hands on challenge such as this.  I believe this will help teach them teamwork and problem solving skills as well the actual hands on construction.  I know by talking to the instructor of this group it will be a very gratifying experience for these kids that they may not have had otherwise.  If it goes as well as I think it will, I will see about doing it again next year.  I know that some of you have also done this before me, because I see the teams at our races.  I would like to encourage you to continue sponsoring schools and other groups, and that some of the rest of you will do so also.  Thank you.

Dennis Alm  #5296; New Brighton, MN  55112-3345

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