AUGUST 19- Everything has to come to an end, sadly!

Muscoda WI - August 17, 18 and 19 Continued (Page Four)

  The above photos were sent to me from Dave LaCombe. His friend photographed them and made me happy. One can never have too many photos, right Dave?
In the spring of this year, Dave wasn't quite seeing himself at this hover-in with his new craft, but with some fast determination ....   he got it to the point he could run the weekend! It runs fast and hard and is truly a beautiful machine.
  The awed little boy on the right was anxiously pleading with his grandfather to start building their own hovercraft!
A sandbar was a perfect resting spot while we waited for our fearless leader, Peter Gungel, to lead us in formation. The 4 StarCruisers anxiously wait to follow in group formation back to the landing.   Peter arrives on the sandbar nearby and does a 180 and prepares for the trip back to the boat landing in his UH6F.
And we're off!   Peter enjoyed being the leader of the 'pack'!!
Back on the landing, a group gathers to look over Peter, Glenn and Laurie's handiwork!   Great job.....and a rather impressive little machine!
And now it was playtime, prepare a small lunch and get ready for the noon cruise!   Wow, Bob Windt getting a ride from Marquis!
We enjoyed a cruise to the Spring Green Hwy. 23 bridge, lunch on a sandbar and lots of conversation.

Carl Gorsuch prepares to transport Hovercraft #6 back to Cincinnati.......a Skim-Aire he purchased from Ray Matthews of Freeport, IL. Having already purchased a Chinook to add to his collection, what else could be more appropriate! BTW, Ray sent me that picture....thanks for all the pics you sent!

The following letter says it all: From Gene Ely, Appleton, Wis....Stopped by your hover-in at Muscoda 8/17 & 18.  Had a great time.  Just wanted to thank Ray (Matthews) for the ride and especially Verdon Weber for the driving lesson.  "I've gotta get me one of these!!!"

This was one of the best hover-ins I have ever attended.....and I'm proud to say I had an important part in the preparation and invitation. My favorite part was the formation flying with Peter Gungel. It brought a lump to my throat.....I know the pride this young man has, and wish that every young child who wishes to do so, can find an adult somewhere willing to help him succeed at something in his lifetime. Peter's parents are exemplary caring parents.

Well, I built it and did you come? The rest is up to you, as the hovercrafter and the wanna-be-hovercrafter to get yourself to a hover-in. If you see the remotest possibility of attending a hover-in anywhere, take the opportunity. You will never be sorry you could be sorry you didn't go!

However, as all good things must come to an end in a delightful way.....with wonderful thoughts and feelings about all the individuals having helped in the preparation and carrying out of the event, and with a sad but warm and loving tear, this hover-in is the last hover-in that I will be hosting. At a campfire on the evening of August 18, Bob Windt politely volunteered his two nephews, Bob and Bill Zang and agreed to help them, and next year Bob and gang will be putting on a hover-in no one will forget! Be there!!

Thanks for all your help, each and every one of you. I have enjoyed every hover-in I ever attended, but even tho I get thoroughly exhausted and wear out my shoes at every hover-in I host, I would most assuredly do it all over again in a heart beat.

Yes, I will be at this hover-in next time; but this time I'll sit on the river bank and watch someone else run from their campsite to the boat landing a thousand times an hour, and I will be out there hovering more in the PL Express. And I'll probably give a thousand rides to the public. It really hurt me that I didn't get to give rides as I planned and promised. Please forgive me.

So next time.......see you there? Thanks for everything, everybody! Please join me in our Hoverlovers Yahoo Group if you are not already a member!

The Hover Lady!

Dusk at the Victora Boat Landing (photo by Charles Dixon).

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