AUGUST 18- Short Cruise Day Due to Rain


Muscoda WI - August 17, 18 and 19 Continued (Page Three)

I will limit long comments on the following items unless someone wishes to discuss something. As you review the pictures, just 'pretend' you were there..if you weren't! AND NEXT YEAR--BE THERE!

  Looks like a hovercraft parked right outside our tent area.....but alas, it was a bait box, popular item on the Wisconsin River! In fact, we sat in our lawn chairs alongside the river and watched the fish jump out of the water catching insects.
Whoa, wait a minute....I have to comment here. This lad is an expert in hovercrafting already. This remote control model was all over the boat landing and parking lot under perfect control.   He designed it himself. His name is Danny Zicarelli from Bethel Maine! Great job, Danny!
This actually was Brian's first official hover-in.   After receiving his 10F from Dave LaCombe in the spring, he got it ready just for this occasion, and had a blast flying all weekend!
  A thank you from Hoverlovers members to the Dixons for the video'll be up on the website soon!
  Maggie is a Newfoundland.........big heart and lots of love.....and very, very strong! I met Maggie when her owner ordered a hovercraft. My buddie, Snickers, was always afraid she would step on him and he always left to hide near the house when she visited with us.
And for all her hard work, she gets a long cold drink (water!) from a Jack Daniels bottle (because she likes to drink from a faucet!)   and a long hover ride later!
Here, we ready the 6F (Gungel Craft) for his maiden water flight!   Bob Windt gives some sagely advice to all re: safety.
Peter thought the worst part of it all was.....   us watching him! Dad gives him some confidence....
  Nose to nose, it was grand watching the WIGs trying to outfly each other! They look beautiful from the river bank.....wait til you get up close and personal and fly alongside them!

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