Hovering the Wisconsin River on Labor Day 1999...WITH SNAKES!!!!!

This small wood cottage sits alongside the river in peaceful bliss...and we headed downriver to the meeting of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers!
At Milville Boat Landing, we encountered 4 Water Snakes, each about 4 feet long...this one was devouring its dinner (a small bull head).
Another struggle and another GULP!
The beauty of the Wisconsin is that you can stop anywhere...there's sandbars everywhere!!
Returning to Milville later in the day, this snake took off from the rocky shore...
And our friends is still GULPING!!
The shore of the Mississippi near Prairie du Chien was clutter with clam shells (the white objects in the foreground!)  
Not the best thing to run over with a skirt, so we steered clear!  
When you hover the Mississippi, you have to be ready to play with the bigger boats!  
And even bigger boats.......!!!!!!!!  
Returning home from the Mississippi to the Wisconsin, lots of back waters to explore!  
Quiet wildlife sanctuaries...  
Here we return to the Boscobel area on the Wisconsin River...
Still playing cat and mouse in the backwaters of the Mississippi, I caught Verdon trying to hide!!
And then he caught me!!

Flying the Wisconsin is the epitome of hovercrafting...try it sometime soon! We have regularly scheduled hoverins or would be glad to just cruise with you!!





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