met with Mark Cupp,  Executive Director of the Lower Wis Riverway Board.  The Riverway Board is an independent state agency which is responsible for administration of the performance standards which provide aesthetic protection along the 92.3 miles of the Riverway from the dam above Prairie Du Sac to Prairie to Chien.  The Board is a 9 member citizen board appointed by the governor.  Mark Cupp's office is located in Muscoda.

Bob and Gloria Steinhauer (Wisconsin Ambassadors) live right along the shore of the Wisconsin River...and arranged a meeting with the Lower Wis. Riverway Board!
Our main concern with the Riverway Board was the noise issues that have recently been raised from the abuse of the jet ski populations in the area...especially on the holidays!
Mark was totally enthralled with the hovercraft, and being an avid photographer, he remarked this would be the ideal way for him to get back in the wildlife sheltered areas to get some great film!
Returning to the boat landing, Mark wasn't ready to quit yet...and Verdon and Mark
flew off again!!

Overall, the get together with Mark was favorable for the future of the hovercraft on the Wisconsin River! Thank you, Bob and Verdon, for your efforts...and thank you Mr. Cupp for taking the time to spend with us!

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