"The Beachcomber"

Driftwood on the Mississippi!

It's pretty typical to see driftwood floating down the Mississippi River and occasionally a nice photo scene develops as this one did on the island we use to make the WIG videos from.

Basic Instruction in Unloading! Close up of The Beachcomber!

Gary takes a moment to look over his new 'babe', The Beachcomber. A metallic purple stripe over a beautiful fuchsia stripe and aquamarine dolphins play on the nose. The trailer says "It's a Hovercraft!" And now it's time to unload and go play with the other 'dolphins' of the Platte River!

Bob Steinhauer.......Look hands!

While Verdon and Garry went for Garry's maiden voyage....Bob Steinhauer, Otha Lawless and myself decided to have a little cruise of our own. A trip underneath the railroad trestle and a few miles down the Mississippi found us on a nice sandbar.

Otha Lawless in the PL!
The weather was just beautiful on the Mississippi. When we returned to the landing, we found Garry anxious to go solo......
Garry--solo!! Ahhhhh.......did anyone think about moving the PL out of the way????

No fear......the PL is unhurt.......but Garry is a bit red-faced from this incident. We all know what a slope can do with a hovercraft.....and Garry found out first hand! Verdon gives The Beachcomber a bit of a tug with the tow rope and he's out and flying again!

Parking in the sand and leaves gives The Beachcomber a bit of a different hue! With the day all but over, Garry and Otha head for home, and still manage to get in 3 more hours hovering later on!

What more needs to be said, except "Welcome Garry......glad to have you aboard with your new craft!"

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