Aug. 30, 2003

These photos are from many 'little elves', so if you share, please be kind and indicate where you got them from. All pictures are clickable to a larger size and more pictures will be added or taken away as better ones come in for display, so return often.

We had a great time this weekend, Saturday it rained until 3 in the afternoon and then we got to go for a short cruise, so the day wasn't a bust.  Sunday was beautiful, so we went down the Juniata into the Susquehanna down through the Dauphin Narrows (rocky) and down through the longest stone arch bridge in the world (101 yrs old) down and around City Island and landed on the north end. 

Some of us landed on the wrong side of this plastic fence, which we later discovered was put there to keep people away from the fireworks that were being installed, so we moved before anyone embarassed us. 

We started out with 8 hovers but one had to turn back with skirt problems.  Harrisburg was having its annual Kipona Festival ( which means "kiss summer good-bye" I think) and there was a rather large crowd in the area.

The craft in the pictures are Glen and Brenda Shick's G&B Express, Steve Mayor's "BOB", George Porterfield's StarCruiser, Stan from Ohio's Red White and Blue, Hilton Smith's yellow 13SP, John Miller's Bumble Bee, and my Blue Juniata.  Ken Shull with his 18SP had to turn back due to skirt trouble, he supplied the meat and cooked it for a delicious Barbeque saturday eve.

What a wonderful trip, I must admit a tear got in my eye when I looked over at all those hovers flying down this wide, wide river, what a sight.  Such flying skill, it was a sight to behold.  I did my first 360 but nobody saw it,  Steve said that it is sort of like a tree falling in the forest and nobody is around.  So I guess it doesn't really count. Joe


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