Prophetstown Park IL Get Together

June 2005 - Ray Matthews/Host

Marv Olver's Version of the weekend:

                 THE PROPHETSTOWN HOVERIN        Our weekend started out in Cedar Rapids, IA. at 5 p.m. on Thursday. We started our trip to Propetstown State Park in Illinois, made a couple stops along the way and arrived at the park about 8p.m.. We got set up and explored the town before we ran into Ray & Terri Matthews ( the host & hostess of the hoverin ). We sat and had a nice talk with them around a campfire before turning in for the night.      Friday morning it was time to check out the river while waiting for the others to arrive so I took a 13 mile run up river and back. When I got back Ray was ready to go so we ran up river about 13 miles. When we got back to the park Mike Courtney had arrived and was unloading his craft so we pitched in to help. It wasn't long till the Weber's dropped in and picked a spot to camp. After having lunch we decided to take a run up river to Sterling and see the dam and swimming pool on the island. What a pretty site to come into with fisherman wading the full length of the dam. Friday's cruise was quit uneventful with the exception of MJC trying to run over these poor ducks, but he missed. When we got back to camp we all got cleaned up and got ready to grill brats and burgers. The highlight of the day was setting around the campfire with friends and enjoying the stories.      Saturday morning MJC & the Weber's had to see what the river was like so we went to hover in the immediate area while waiting for Shelley ( Weber's daughter ) to arrive. A lot of interested people were around with cameras in hand taking pictures. Shelley arrives about 11 and then Terri's parents come from Sterling for a visit with Terri. We are getting kind of anxious to hover down to Davenport so MJC, Linda & Verdon, Dee & I and of course the host Ray Matthews decide to head down river. Terri stays behind to visit with her parents while they are there.      We head down river with lots of sandbars and hairpin turns which makes for a lot of fine hovering. We have all it takes the heat the humidity and plenty of gas. Because of lack of rain the river is way down so some of the islands don't have water all the way around them so it was pick and choose where we went but the turns in the river kept everyone on there toes. When we started getting close to Davenport we found a lot of tubers pontoons tied together with plenty of jet skis running about. We pulled up on the boat ramp at a small park and had lunch. While having lunch much to our surprise the Blue Angles were performing at an airshow across the river at Moline. What a pretty sight. We decided to hit the river again and head back past all those tubers and pontoon boats. On our way out of the Davenport area the jet skis were running ramped which left for a lot of choppy water. MJC with Shelley aboard hit some pretty big waves and caused the prop on his starcruiser to flex and break, Verdon come to the rescue and toed MJC ashore. Ray called his wife Terri who was back at the campground and give her directions to come with a trailer to pick up MJC's starcruiser. We waited for Terri to arrive and after loading MJC's craft the rest of us headed back. We had approximately 45 miles to go. Ten miles from the campground my prop developed a noise so I pulled up on a sandbar and found that it was coming apart. Verdon told me to try and nurse it back home so we kept going till it got to bad to run. Who comes to our rescue again, the great host Ray Matthews. Ray took my wife Dee back to camp with him and returned with a new prop Verdon had in his truck, we switched props and went the last 4 miles to the campground. Even with the problems MJC & I had, the twist and turns the nice weather the friends around made for one fine day. After getting cleaned up we all meet at a small restaurant  in Prophetstown for some very fine dining. After returning to camp we had smores furnished by Linda Weber around the campfire.      Sunday morning come around and we were getting ready to head home but there was still something wrong, Ray never had a problem all weekend. I noticed Linda's skirt on her starcruiser was detached in the front ( I didn't do it ) but still Ray never had a problem. Well we can't have that. While I was looking at Ray's lift engine, the plug wire fell of but of course I didn't notice that. I sure would have loved to see the look on Rays face when his lift engine wouldn't start. hahaha.      I have to say it was one fine hoverin hosted by Ray & Terri Matthews   Marv & Dee Olver            


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