More Hovercrafting in Iowa!!

  October 1999, the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Fisheries Technician Maury Anderson picked up their StarCruiser (a SC3) which will be helping the agency in the tracking of the walleye and other fish in the Mississippi River.

However, this craft wasn't your usual far. With the unusual projecting antenna, the hovercraft appeared to be dwarfed by its size.

Special construction methods were handled by Verdon and Vernon Weber to support the antenna. The cargo rack on the nose of the craft is a typical option selected by most ice fishermen of the area, to aid in the transport of sleds and other gear.

A story appeared in the Bellevue Herald Leader on February 17, this year, photos and story by the editor, Lowell Carlson.


DNR Fisheries Technician Maury Anderson, Bellevue, listens for the faint "ping" sound on a sonar locator on a remote Mississippi backwater slough on the Savanna Army Depot. Anderson was tracking a radio equipped fish through the ice, part of an ongoing study of winter habitat and fish survival.

The conservation agency uses a hovercraft built in Wisconsin to take researchers across both ice and open water in the winter.

The lightweight two-seater can negotiate backwater reaches inaccessible to larger craft.


As unusual as the craft looks with an antenna, Weber Hovercrafts are very pleased to have been able to help the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources.

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