This note fresh in from the Mag-Master:

M.A.D. Mag moving leaves in my yard.  The first 4 pics show the M.A.D. Mag blowing leaves. The last 3 pics is the Showdown between my Nephew "Chris" with the leaf blower against the M.A.D. Mag. The last pic shows the end results. 

M.A.D.Mag Master, Michael Courtney - Iowa Ambassador

In Iowa, clearing the autumn leaves becomes an easy chore with Mag!

Michael sets up for the "kill", blowing the leaves far out of the way.....

....far, far out of the way, into.......

Nephew Chris' face, but lo and behold, Chris is armed!!!!!

with a (what is it?) .. No, it can't's the deathly rays from a leaf blower!!

But I think Michael and Mag won......I think! Well, Chris is somewhere there in the pile of leaves!!!

(Check him out about 10 feet behind the ultimate weapon, the StarCruiser, buried in the brush and leaves!)

Good work, Maggie and Michael!!!!!

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