Honeymooners at National Hover-Rally Troy Oh! (Click on picture to find out who!!)

LOWER WISCONSIN RIVER SPRING OUTING ... April 21 and 22! Click for a fun ride.

TERRE HAUTE, IN, RACING AND CRUISING ... April 28 and 29: Click for story.

WISCONSIN RIVER HOVER-IN AND RESCUES ... May 26 ...read about 2 rescues!

NATIONAL HOVER-RALLY IN TROY OH! ... June 15, 16 and 17: Hoverclub of America's Rally in the Midwest at Troy, Ohio!

FORT SNELLING, MN, HOVER-IN ... July 14 and 15: Dennis and Carol Alm hosted a great event. Tragedy happened to Dennis' hovercraft and the hoverin wasn't quite as happy has he had wanted it to be. But there is always next year, and I hear that Dave LaCombe is taking over the hover-in next year, and for last years story, visit: Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota and Mississippi River Cruise.

August 17, 18, 19: Hoverlovers Yahoo Group and the Lower Wisconsin River Hovergroup hosted a grand finale to the summer season. Linda decides to 'cash it in' and become a participant instead of a host next year!

October 6 thru 14: Don't forget the great Balloon Fiesta at Albuquerque, NM! A can't miss event. Contact Norm Lincoln for more information. For other escapades by Norm and his StarCruiser, see Helping Out in Trouble!

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