Peter Gungel lives in Forreston, IL. My first chance to meet him and his wonderful parents was at the Muscoda WI Spring Hover-In 2001. At this time, he had his craft aptly under construction, and he enjoyed showing everyone what was happening.

A lot has happened since that on, enjoy and then email Peter. Glenn (Peter's Dad) has sent me the comments near each picture and I have added a few.....but hope you can get the idea of just how much fun it is to fly your own VERY FIRST HOVERCRAFT!

  Peter and his UH-6F on its first day of powering it up and flying, Thursday, July 5th.  Picture quality is not the best due to the camera we were using. The first pic is the very first time he powered it up on cushion .. right outside our garage.
  Some more pics of Peter and his UH-6F.  The first one doesn't quite catch his grin, but its etched in my memory.
  Very first flight .. down our street .. gravel and all. Might have captioned it, "Nervous Dad".  I was actually attempting to help him deal with the slight crown in the road.  We both ate a lot of dust And, discovered that hovering on a crowned road is not a lot of fun. The next day, we took it to the local Middle School parking lot.
  Over at the Middle School parking lot.  The "hover transport" van is in the background.  Peter is on board.  At this point, we've installed the improved throttle control and the kill switch (upside down plastic box  with a switch drilled through the bottom, to the right of the joy stick).  Both of those improved devices came from earlier excursions "outside the envelope" of normal hovercraft operation, i.e., using a cyclone fence as a stop, and ending a flight upside down.
  My nephew, Alex, flying the UH-6F.  He was visiting with us the first couple days of flying it.  Had a ball!
  The next two pics are simply the front and the back.  May be of interest to those who are building one of these
  Flying by.  Peter has it pretty well flat out for this UH-6F.  Bit of a tail wind, and a slight down hill slope.  At this point, he is already considering his options for doing a 180 or a controlled skid to stop at the fast approacing end of the lot.
  Throttling up and gaining speed.  And, attracting some attention from passing motorists pulling in to take a look.
  This time, Peter has opted for the 180.  He's kicked the joy stick over to bring the back end around to the left, and is about to make his correction to stop the rotation.  Meanwhile, keeping an eye on his drift to the left toward the end of the parking lot.  He's become quite good at this, and his 180s are getting tighter.
  Email Glenn, Peter and Laurie for more details!

Tuesday of this week, we had a friend of Peter's over for the day.  Both boys couldn't wait to get out on the UH-6F.  JJ had never flown before. Peter was eager to show off his hover to his friend.  And, we were eager to use the Hovercoms we had built. It was a great morning of flying for both boys, over at the large parking lot we use for practice. Peter is getting quite good at using 180's to stop his direction, and at anticipating how the wind, the slight parking lot slopes, and the momentum of the craft all play together.  His right hand on the throttle to pick up the power or back off a little is constantly busy as he maneuvers around the lot, trying out various turns, and balancing rudder and thrust to go where he wants.  He seems to be learning that seat-of-the-pants feel. JJ, Peter's friend, is a great student pilot.  I laid out some very short flying exercises at first.  He picked up a feel for the hover quite quickly. And, was off on his own maneuvers by his third flight. We broke for the indoors during the heat of the day, as there isn't any shade on the lot.After supper, we went back to the lot, and invited JJ's Mom to come and watch.  The grin on her face almost matched JJ's! It was good evening of piloting.  We had to refill the gas tank during the vening!  Two hovernauts certainly can keep one hovercraft busy. Peter has taken his IL DNR Boater Safety Class, recently.  So, JJ has decided that he will do the same.  And, he wants to help us build the UH-10F!  I think, with his Mom's permission, we have the beginnings of Peter's racing team.

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