Hovercrafters in Louisiana!!

Martin Glynn ... a real appraiser to a real hovercrafter!

Martin Glynn and his wife reside in Thibodaux, LA, and routinely fly the Gulf and bayous with his hovercraft. Often as not, he will pull his hovercraft alongside a houseboat on the bayou and be invited in for a fresh caught catfish dinner!!
The patriotic flag on the duct of Martin's StarCruiser shows his pride in his hovercraft. Martin is truly a wonderful ambassador for hovercrafting! In fact, when you meet him, you will never forget him!
The winch...
The hook for steep ramps...
Mounting the spare wheel on the front of the trailer...
Comfy seat and beverage holder....
Fuel gauge on the lift engine...

This is a picture of his console. The red float on the thrust key has printed "Get In, Sit Down, Hold On and Shut Up". Martin admits the following: I added my running light switch, Tach for the rear engine, mounting bracket for my GPS, a voltmeter and a gas gauge for the front engine and a rear view mirror, all on the console.  I also added a paddle holder, fire extinguisher, extra gas can, straps in the rear for life preservers, a cargo net along the inside side for storage, a bass boat type plastic seat for the driver and docking cleats on the inside of both sides...And I am still looking for stufffffff to add....I may have to use white out on my sticker to change it to read "Maximum capacity 1 person with all this stuff".  

There recently was some discussion in our hoverlovers egroup about use of an anchor in a hovercraft. Here's Martin's solution:

I also have a small anchor in the SC4.  I installed a 3/8" plywood plate inside the craft just behind the windshield on the right side.  To this I installed a 8" plastic cleat.  I keep the bow rope attached to this cleat which makes it easy to control the craft when I push it off since I have a 3/8" rope along the right side of the craft.  Makes it easy to hang on to.....Just remember, to attach most anything, you need to add a mounting plate.  Drill/screw and use construction adhesive like "Liquid Nails".  Remember to use Stainless Steel Screws/bolts/nuts wherever you install something.  I also mounted the fire extinguisher the same way under the console on the left side near your left foot. (Fire extinguisher mounts are now included on all new craft.)

Wiring leading thru the lift duct to lighting.
Front Bumper:  Front of trailer has bracket with hook on top to lower craft down steep ramps.  Martin added a plastic bumper to prevent damage on loading.  Bumper has a fill valve which allows to regulate amount of air.
Headset:  Works well.  Took about an hour to reconfigure.  Used silicone glue to fill holes and attach.   These headsets are absolutely the greatest.....as Verdon and I have a pair. The real cat's meow and save you $$$$$$!!
Muffler Cap:  I like to carry spare gasoline, however, exhaust was a problem.  Used sheet metal to make the deflector and riveted to the muffler.  Works well.
Dry Storage is a cargo net designed for a pickup truck.  Works well for life preservers, etc.
Paddle holder is just plywood painted and glued/screwed to side wall.
Oil Drain:  Installed brass "L" and nipple with gated valve and plug in the end.  I have a plastic hose that attaches.  Works well.

Thank you Martin for representing hovercrafting so well in your state! 

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