It was a fun trip from Snellville GA to Troy OH for Janet and Harold Carter in June 2000......

Bob Carter, St. Louis, MO, is the former owner of this StarCruiser often seen at rallies across the Midwest!

In addition to planning on visiting and seeing everyone at the Hoverclub of America's largest event of the year, Janet and Harold also hoped to strike a deal for a StarCruiser! Harold had often been seen on his other hovercrafts, but after attending Troy, OH, and bringing home Bob Carter's StarCruiser, he actually began having a 'blast' in a hovercraft.


#2 Louis Bondurant just couldn't hang on after hitting rock!

#3 Louis Bondurant's AC-3 & Harold Carter's SC-4 (formerly Bob Carter's)


Sliding "comfy" seats. Note map/chart holder & glove box on left. Pink foam is unpainted paddle holder.

"Comfy" seat details. Eyelets & knobs are for holding extra fuel tanks, coolers, etc. via bungee cords.

And that's Harold.......with a big grin and lots more ideas for updating his StarCruiser...Big Spring, TN (10/6/200)!

He has a grand idea for changing that oil plug over in the Kohler 25.....Click Here!

What more needs to be said, except "Welcome Harold to our StarCruiser Ambassador list.....glad to have you aboard with your new craft! Keep those wonderful innovations coming."

To meet Harold via the internet, write Janet and Harold Carter!

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