Page Three.....Minnesota River Hovering Continued!

Shakopee's rescue air pontoon boat seen sometime after launching. The boat has already been used in rescues and has been found to be a valuable piece of equipment for the Shakopee fire department.....even rescuing wildlife on the ice!

As we arrived on Saturday at the Chaska boat landing, we all decided to go uptown (only a few feet away) and have lunch at the Best Western restaurant! The food was grande. On Sunday, we returned to the same boat landing for lunch but went to the Embers for equally fine fare.

On Saturday, Ben Tilson met his sister at the Best Western and left for the family graduation party. Ken Roberts was left with Ben's yellow hover and was anxious to get out on the water. Many of us know Ken as the person with the 2SI problems on his UH12.

This is an 'after' shot. Here's Ken's version of what happened: Ken's story Several of us pulled a tow rope and the craft up the ramp.

Here's a shot of the damage--note the left side. But it's all repairable, and as I post this picture to the site, Verdon has it repaired and ready for shipping back to Ben! The beauty of hovercrafts in general is their quick repair....

As we cruised the rest of the river on Saturday. We put on about 60 miles each day, just enjoying each other's company, relaxing and enjoying the scenery, doing a bit of racing occasionally with each other and also taking time to stop ashore and explain hovercrafting to new wannabes!!

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