Page Two.....Fort Snelling Hover-In Continued!

Two Sevtec crafts came in for play time, too. This Vanguard was built and is owned by John Jeno, of Grand Forks, North Dakota. He and his passenger enjoyed the 2 day cruise immensely. Note the yacht in the background, which had sent the dinghy in....

The second Sevtec craft (also a Vanguard) is owned by Rick and Nancy Hoffman, Elk River, Minnesota. Both Sevs are true models of craftsmanship.

Making his debut with his official maiden voyage is Dave LaCombe, West St. Paul, MN, in his UH10F. David has been very busy, completing his craft in just 1 1/2 months. He confesses he actually stayed up until 2 a.m. Sunday to complete the paint job! Great craftsmanship here, too, and David kept up a mean pace on the river with everyone!

Verdon and I in the Pink Lady (#61).....We occasionally took turns driving, but for once I really enjoyed just being a passenger as often as possible. Sometimes as we shot past the banks of onlookers, I would point down at the word Hovercrafts (hidden behind Verdon's legs in this picture) and they seemed to understand a bit about what they were seeing flying the Minnesota River quite unexpectedly! Altho there was a time or two that a fisherman thought we would be disturbing his fishing, only to see a nice walleye flop into the air ahead of the hovercrafts!! I'm sure that surprised him.

Verdon giving rides in the PL Express! Read how this craft was built on the Hoverlady's Page!

Dennis conducts his driver's meeting, warning us that there was still debris floating down river due to the flooding 2 weeks ago. Another item we needed to watch out for were the barges as we would not win in a confrontation with one of them!

Near the locks, Rick and Nancy fly by in their Vanguard.

A huge group of canoeists locked thru the dam.......I found this amazing, but apparently it was very typical for the area!

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