Dennis and Carol Alm Host a Grand Hoverin......July 22 and 23, 2000!

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WOW! What a grand time Verdon and I had at the cruise that Dennis hosted this past weekend! Hoping that this becomes a yearly thing, I have already blocked off my calendar for the year 2001! Good job, Dennis!

We arrived in the cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis) the nite before.....being uncertain of drive time, etc., which did take us a bit over 6 1/2 hours to drive from Cuba City, WI. Whereas, when we left for home on Sunday directly after the cruise, we managed to shave a whole hour off our drive time by taking a different route.....and who said that the major interstates save you time? Not pulling a hovercraft through downtown LaCrosse, WI, on a weekend!

Dennis and Carol Alm in their StarCruiser Hovercraft built by Weber Hovercrafts. Dennis is one of the very few who was able to walk onto the Weber lot and purchase a craft (#40) without waiting. (2 1/2 years ago!) Dennis and Carol Alm live in St. Paul, MN and would enjoy your comments about hovercrafting. Just click here: Dennis!

On Saturday, July 22, 9 Hovercrafts came out for some fun on the Minnesota River and we entered Fort Snelling Park and headed for the river boat ramp. Fort Snelling State Park is located in the heart of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. The park entrance is off State Highway 5 at Post Road near the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Combine all of this and you were presented with 2 days of glorious excitement, ranging from Boeing 747s and DC10s quite often buzzing over head in addition to getting a great look at the Shakopee Rescue Pontoon Airboat as it flew by us down the Minnesota River. I must say that I was absolutely dumbfounded to find such a beautiful park amongst 2 of the largest cities in the USA! Another hovercrafter whom we hadn't seen in a long time showed up, Bob Taylor from West St. Paul, as well as many others I failed to write their names down.

As we gathered at the boat landing under the overhead highway of Hwy. 55, a flock of falcons were noisily discussing our presence. It appeared the parents were attempting to get the young falcons to leave the nest!

David Janni from New Ulm, MN, with his Weber StarCruiser hovercraft (#97). His wife, Mary Jean joined us on Sunday!

Mike Jacobson and son Brandon with his UH13P (twin engines) from Rochester, MN. Mike had brought his UH13 to the Webers in June at the time Kelley Jernigan picked up his StarCruiser hovercraft and even tho it rained, everyone had a grand time putting together model hovercrafts in Mike's RV waiting for the downpour to subside!

Bill and Janet Junbauer with their Hovertour, North Oaks, MN! Bill owns 2 Hovertours and has flown mainly on ice, so this was a real experience. His biggest concern was how much gas he would need to fly on water, as it uses so little on ice! Bill and Janet were a lot of fun and below is another look at their craft from the front.....really neat!

The Weber Racing Team has Arrived (#57)

Anyone who came to HoveRally at Troy, Ohio, in June of this year will recognize Ben Tilson as the dark horse in the yellow craft who came in 'second' by only seconds in Formula II racing! Ben has such a great attitude about hovercrafts and racing.....he now owns 2 crafts and is building a 3rd for his son! Ben's wife, Shea, joined us on Sunday with the kids as she was at a graduation party, fully expecting to be able to hover with us all day. But on Sunday......Ben was craftless!!

Chris and Melissa Rapp from Rosemount, MN and their StarCruiser hovercraft (#84)! Melissa and Shea (Ben Tilson) are sisters, but racing blood seems to run in Chris' blood, too, as he was seen racing Verdon Weber on the Minnesota occasionally!

Not exactly a hovercraft.....but interesting. A larger yacht near the boat landing sent this little 'runner' in to pick up friends!

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