This is Pete Gardell's Hovercraft Enclosure.

(all pictures are clickable to become larger)

Says Pete:  Working with Plexiglass or lexan is not that bad.  I simply screwed it in
place to the frame and used a dremel tool to cut to fit.  I also contemplated keeping the frame on for summer as well to have kind of a bimini top.

One person I met up with said that I looked like a flying iron going by on
the river.  Guess I will have to live with the stigma.

The vinyl doesn't really flap at all.  The only thing that really gets some flexing is the doors.  The thrust prop creates quite a nice vacuum that tends to draw in the sides of the doors.  The PVC does not really have the rigidity to prevent the flexing.  That's one of the reasons I will eventually go to the aluminum tubing.  It is not all that bad, I just don't like it.  But, it will do for this season."> Email Pete for even more details!


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